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Urinal Repair and Replacement

Whether a urinal on your property is leaking, not flushing, or requires replacement, 1-Hour Drain is available when you need assistance.If you are in need of a repair we can be there to diagnose the problem andrepair it as quickly and efficiently is possible. If you’re urinal is leaking, don’twait to call us. It can […]

Boiler Repairs and Replacements

Boiler Repairs: Even though boilers are usually reliable, they are not immune to problems. Justlike other machines, they will need maintenance and repair. Whenever you findyourself in need of boiler or repair service, 1-Hour Drain is here to help! Ourtechnicians were trained by Ray Pack Factory, which offer one of the besttraining courses available.We will […]

Vacuum Truck/ Pit Cleaning Service

What Is a Vacuum Truck and When Is it Needed?Vacuum truck is a truck that has a pump and a tank. It is used to pump excesswater, grime, and sludge out of a storm drain or cleanout when jetting does notwork.What is pit cleaning service?From sump pits to grease pits there are many types of […]

Condensate Line Repair, Replacement, or Cleaning

Cleaning the A/C condensate drain can range from simple maintenance to anurgent emergency service call if the system clogs and overflows. As long as thecondensate drain system is flowing freely, it all goes through a drain line to anoutdoor discharge point or into a connection with the household sanitary sewer.When blockages occur, however, an overflowing […]

Camera and Locate Inspections

The latest camera technology is one of the most beneficial inventions toplumbers. Rather than having to dig up the entire pipe, this technology allowsour technicians to precisely and accurately target the issues of undergrounddrains and sewer lines without having to dig at all.Our company combines this technology and the skills of our trained techniciansto always […]

Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Does the water in your kitchen sink drain slowly? When you flush your toilet isthere a backup in the shower or bathtub? Does your toilet overflow whenflushed? All of these are problems resulting from the same thing: cloggedplumbing. Fixing these clogged pipes are one of our specialties. In many casesthe problem is caused by a […]

Toilet Repair and Replacement

Toilet repair and installation: 1-Hour Drain offers quality, reliable toilet repair and installation services. Wecan identify the problem and fix it for you quickly and professionally.Is Your Toilet Clogged or Leaking?If you or your residents have a clogged or leaking toilet, it can cause big issuesin your home. Water damage from a flooded bathroom can […]

Gas Line Repairs and Replacements

Gas Line Repairs: Is there a hissing noise coming from your pipes? Do you smell an odor similar torotten eggs? If so, you most likely have a gas leak. Besides being expensive,gas leaks are extremely dangerous.Oftentimes, they can be easy to detect because of the strong smell, but whengas leaks are small, they can go […]

Recirculating Pump Repair/ Replacement

Recirculating Pump Repair: Have you ever turned on you shower and had to stand there for a few minutesand wait for the water to get hot? Have you ever wondered what happens to the2-3 gallons of water that run down that drain? That is actually money down thedrain! The Benefits of a Recirculating Pump in […]

Hot Water Jetting

Hot water jetting is a form of hydro-jetting, a method of clearing blocked orclogged lines by sending a blast of water at high pressure to clear that lines,that uses hot water to clear stubborn blockages that build up over time.Hot Water Jetting Helps Remove:– Grease– Roots– Soils– Fats– Hair– IceWhen you have a drain or […]