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Toilet Repair and Replacement

Toilet repair and installation: 1-Hour Drain offers quality, reliable toilet repair and installation services. We
can identify the problem and fix it for you quickly and professionally.
Is Your Toilet Clogged or Leaking?
If you or your residents have a clogged or leaking toilet, it can cause big issues
in your home. Water damage from a flooded bathroom can end up costing you a
lot of money. Affordable Co. experts use proven methods to identify the source
of clogged or leaking toilets and repair them quickly, which will save you time,
aggravation and money.
Often, Toilet repairs are difficult to pinpoint on your own and can become
ongoing if they aren’t fixed properly. Our toilet repair and installation service
professionals can diagnose and fix your clogged or leaking toilet for you so you
can rest easy knowing that your toilet repair issues are handled professionally.
If you’re looking for toilet repair or toilet installation services in San Jose,
California can provide solutions and options that will fit with your needs and
In the market for toilet installation? Replacing your toilet with a low-flow toilet
can help you save money on water bills and conserve water. Ask our specialists
about available options. We can provide you with information and guidance so
you can make the right decision for your new toilet installation.

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