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Water Line Repairs

Water Line Repairs: Your water line performs the important duty of bringing fresh, clean water toyour home or commercial property. When there is a failure in the water line, itcan cause a major disruption to your home or work life and residents. That iswhy you need an expert you can trust to repair your water […]

Backflow Repair and Replacement

Backflow Repair: After you have completed your annual backflow testing, or after noticing visiblesigns, it may be deducted that your backflow needs to be repaired. Signs thatbackflow repair might be necessary include: water flow being slow orinterrupted, a bad sulfur smell coming from the water, the water may appearbrown or discolored, the water may have […]

Faucet Repairs and Replacements

Faucet Repairs: Leaking faucets can be a very annoying problem for anyone. A leaking faucetcan be caused by a number of factors including defective gaskets, internalcomponents, corrosion and mineral deposits. Ignoring a leaking faucet can be amistake. A leaking faucet that drips once per second can waste 5 gallons ofwater per second and lead to […]

Water Heater Repair and Replacement

A water heater that stops working never goes unnoticed. It usually affectsmultiple people in the building, causes unpleasant showers and a multitude ofdiscomforts.Sometimes the problem is an easy fix, and our technicians can have it repairedin no time. However, when your water heater is too old or the problem is beyondrepair, we replace it as […]

Sump Pump Repair/ Replacements

Sump Pump Repair: A sump pump has one main job: to prevent flooding in a home or business.Traditionally, sump pumps are installed in a pit or basement so that it can pumpupwards. When water enters a building, it flows to its lowest point. If a sumppump is installed, this is the pit or reservoir. Two […]

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a method to clean slow or clogged sewage lines when typicalsnaking does not work. It consists of sending a blast of water at high pressureinto the lines to remove any build up or blockages. High-Pressure Water Jetting should be left for professionals only! This task should be performed by professional plumbing contractors […]

Sewer Line Repairs and Replacements

The sewer line is the line that carries all the waste from your sinks, toilets, andshowers to the main sewer. Nothing can be more nerve racking than realizingthat your sewer line is not working correctly. It can cause horrible smells, all ofyour water to drain very slowly and more.Here at 1-hour Drain our technicians are […]

What is backflow?

Backflow is a term that describes the unwanted flow of water in the oppositedirection of where it is supposed to be flowing. This is a serious health riskwhen contaminated water mixes with potable water. For that reason, the Stateof California requires backflow testing annually for all commercial buildings.Backflow testing is a mechanism that is used […]