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Condensate Line Repair, Replacement, or Cleaning

Cleaning the A/C condensate drain can range from simple maintenance to an
urgent emergency service call if the system clogs and overflows. As long as the
condensate drain system is flowing freely, it all goes through a drain line to an
outdoor discharge point or into a connection with the household sanitary sewer.
When blockages occur, however, an overflowing condensate drain pan can
rapidly cause serious consequences in your building. Depending on the location
of the air handler, you could experience water damage, a ceiling cave-in, mold
growth or ruined HVAC equipment.

What You Can Do?

DIY steps for cleaning the A/C condensate drain system are limited mainly to a
preventive procedure.
1. Most condensate drain lines are PVC pipe. Near the connection to the
condensate drain pan, locate the U-shaped trap inserted in the span
of drain line. A short pipe with a threaded clean-out cap normally
extends upwards from the trap.
2. Unscrew the clean-out cap and insert a funnel. Pour a cup of white
distilled vinegar into the drain line.
3. Allow the solution to remain in the line for 30 minutes, then flush the
line with water.

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