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Gas Line Repairs and Replacements

Gas Line Repairs: Is there a hissing noise coming from your pipes? Do you smell an odor similar to
rotten eggs? If so, you most likely have a gas leak. Besides being expensive,
gas leaks are extremely dangerous.
Oftentimes, they can be easy to detect because of the strong smell, but when
gas leaks are small, they can go undetected for weeks at a time leading to
hazardous side effects and indoor pollution. It is important to pay attention to
the signs such as:
1 Smell of Sulfur: If you or your residents have already checked
whether the smell was coming from their gas stove and the smell is
still persistent, this is a sign you should call your repair company
2 Dying plants: If there is a specific area of your property where the
plants’ health has declined rapidly, there may be a gas leak in the area.
3 Hissing noise: A hissing noise coming from your pipes is most likely
an indication of a gas leak. If you hear this, turn off the system that is
supplying the gas line and immediately call a professional company to
come examine the lines.
The best way to prevent this from happening, is to schedule regular gas line
maintenance and inspections. Our technicians at 1-Hour Drain provide routine
inspections, gas line maintenance, and gas line installation to help keep your
gas piping system running smoothly and safely.
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